McCormick - McCormick - 05 train station

I always make a point of stopping in county seats. For some reason I’ve decided to take pictures of all the county courthouses. Maybe because some were designed by Robert Mills. The one in McCormick was difficult to take a decent picture. It being a hot day I didn’t wander too much around downtown. I parked by the former Keturah hotel now home to the McCormick Arts Council, and strolled over to the train depot, taking a detour in order to snap a picture of the courthouse, then made my way to Dorn Mill. The trip took me past a mural of McCormick County.

McCormick - McCormick - 06 mural

The steam-powered mill was built circa 1898. It used a milling process that pretty much eliminated manual labor, the beginnings of the take over by machines. It was first a cottonseed mill before being converted into a flour and grist mill. I’ve seen several grist mills from wood and this was the first one I’ve seen of brick and it’s a beauty.

As far-fetched as it may be, McCormick is gold country. Right where the city stands now, gold was discovered in 1850. Cryus McCormick, inventor and eventual founder of the town, purchased the Dorn Gold Mine in 1869. This operated until the 1930’s. There’s still a gold mine there where one can pan for gold.

How to get there:

Located at the junction of US221 and US378 in the northwestern part of the state.


What’s Close By:

Baker Creek State Park

Hamilton Branch State Park

Hickory Knob State Park

Lake Strom Thurmond


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