Richland - Columbia - SC history mural 01

Sometimes you come across murals when you least expect it. My favorite is the one by Blue Sky in Union. I was trying to get from A to B when I saw it. This huge train. I made a quick turn to the right, parked, and got out of the car to admire it. Cool. It’s more impressive, bigger, in person.

Union - Union - 29 Blue Sky mural

Murals aren’t just in cities, but small towns as well. Some are bright and, bang, right in your face, others may be a little dull by the sun. I’ve always liked the one off US321 in Denmark. It’s easy to miss a mural because some are on side streets and can be spotted from one direction, just keep your eyes open. Enjoy the low speed limit in the town and peruse your surroundings.

Bamberg - Denmark - Coker St 01 mural

Whether it’s a street scene, historical, commercial, or other (such as Tunnelvision by Blue Sky in Columbia on Taylor Street) murals can be found inside as well as outdoors. If you’re interesting in them, you’ll have to do your homework. The WPA mural website below is helpful, but for others not done during that era it’s serendipitious like the one in the library in Ninety-Six.

Greenwood - Ninety Six - Library mural 02

The one in Sumter of a beach scene puzzled me, but it still looks nice. It’s sort of arresting really because you don’t expect it.

There’s no web site I found with a listing of all the murals in the state, but these are helpful. lists a few too.


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