Greenville: Mice On Main

Ordinarily most people don’t go out of their way to look for mice, but finding mice in Greenville is a fun activity whoever you are, adult or child. I first heard about it at a convention, but didn’t get a chance to investigate. Then, when my sister and nephew flew in at the Greenville airport, I decided to get an early in order to have time and hunt. It was a cold, winter day, and overcast so I bundled up. Luck landed me a convenient parking space downtown (don’t worry there are plenty). My first stop was at Mast General Store for the clue sheet. One can be printed from the official website, but I needed an excuse to visit the store and buy weird candy.
Paper in hand, I began my search, puzzling out clues such as: Mifflin’s husband, Uncle Miles, loves to eat Italian. He’s by the rain spout. If you’ve found him, give a shout! Mifflin and Miles are names of two of the mice.
The idea of planting nine mice on Main Street came from a high school student who was inspired to do his senior project by the book Goodnight Moon. Jim Ryan proposed the idea and waded through all the red tape in order to make his idea reality. Now the mice are hidden along a five-bock stretch. They were sculpted by the artist Zan Wells who is also from Greenville. Each of the bronze mice has it’s own special personality.
One can also purchase a book, game, or t-shirt. The proceeds go to charities in the Greenville area.

How to get there:
The mice are on Main Street on a five-block stretch near the Hiatt Hotel.

Mice on Main

What’s close by:
Reedy River Falls Park
Greenville Zoo
Lake Conastee Nature Park


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