Fairfield - Ridgeway - 02 old Police Station

Ridgeway’s Smallest Police Station in the World prompted me to make the trip to this small town in Fairfield county. Of course, the police have moved on to another, larger, location, but the first building remains and is used as a visitor center. While not manned, at least when I visited, it did offer brochures including a coveted, for me, Walking Tour guide. The brochure makes a walk around a town much more enjoyable because you know what you’re looking at. I must commend the people who made the brochure as it is easy to read and informative.
This isn’t the first time I’ve been in Ridgeway. The ‘Big Grab’, an annual forty-odd mile garage sale route runs through here and I’ve stopped to peruse the booths. This time, however, I had my camera and meant to see the sights with no distractions.
One can easily walk through the town. Historic downtown runs along Palmer Street/US21, and then over to Dogwood Ave/SC Highway 34. Some sites you may want to drive to such as St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and the Vaughan/Blair Stagecoach Inn.
Ridgeway was originally called New Town. It changed its name after the Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad came by and chose a route for their railroad tracks along the ‘ridge way’.
One place I would have liked to have more information on was the doorway at the park. It’s located in the park on Longtown Rd and turns out to be remains of a school. It’s very interesting and a great place to take a picture. A fun picture is at the phone booth. Kids will like that. They may have never even seen one before.
By-the-way, Ridgeway isn’t the only town boasting a teeny, former police station, Olar in Bamberg county has one too.

How to get there:
Ridgeway is located on US21, on the east side of I-77.


What’s Close By
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