Pocket Gardens

My definition of pocket gardens are tiny green spaces usually in an unexpected place and usually with a bench in which to enjoy the sculpture and flora that inhabit it. I came across two along US321 when I stopped to take pictures. One was in Olar, Bamburg County, and the other in neighboring Orangeburg County, in Norway. Both are small towns and the gardens came as a complete surprise. I’ve been going down this stretch of road for fifteen years and never, ever, once knew they existed. It really makes me wonder how many other pocket gardens I’ve been driving by.
Both gardens are in the downtown area. In Olar, it’s near the post office, maybe a few buildings down. There’s an old Exxon (could have been Esso) station that I stopped to take a few photos of, then I wandered on down to see what else I could photograph.

Pocket Garden Olar

And there was. I mean, it’s not hard to miss and easy to see from the road, but I never once noticed it as I was drove past. Maybe I was concentrating too hard on staying the speed limit, but still.
The flowers were in bloom and butterflies fluttered about. It’s a nice and tranquil spot.

Pocket Garden Norway

The garden in Norway is a bit harder to spot. It’s by the courthouse, which isn’t easy to find either since it doesn’t look much like one would expect a courthouse to look like. The courthouse is next to the small bell tower. Continue south on the sidewalk and it’s there, a small opening between two buildings. It’s like finding a pot of gold.


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