Andrew Jackson State Park

Lancaster - Andrew Jackson SP - 07 old school

Saturday may be the best day to visit this park as this is the day the office is open, but if you are more interested in doing the trails or camping, any other day is fine. Mostly I wanted the office to be open so I could stamp by Ultimate Outsider book because the stamper by the kiosk was damaged. Otherwise I had a perfectly good time. And, on the bright, side, I can go back again and see what I missed. Next time I’ll make sure to go on a day when they have a living history program. March will probably be the best time since there’s a birthday celebration to honor Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson State Park was created in 1952 and is named after the seventh president of the United States who born, 1767, close to this location. He attended church at the Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church located close by.

A highlight of the 360 acre park is the large bronze statue of Andrew Jackson astride a horse, Andrew Jackson, A Boy of the Waxhaw. It was created by Anna Hyatt Huntington. More of her works as well as other American sculptors are showcased at Brookgreen Gardens in the Lowcountry. I enjoyed the one-room school house located near the parking area.

The museum contains items related to President Jackson as well as Revolutionary War artifacts. It’s open over the weekend from 1pm – 5pm. Otherwise it’s by appointment.
One place I missed in the park that I need to go back and visit is the Historic Orchard and Herb garden. I have a black thump when it comes to plants, but I do enjoy heirloom plants and I like to see what they were used for in early times. These showcase used in the Carolina backcountry in the 1700’s.

There are two trails in the park, both around a mile long. There is also fishing and birdwatching. The campground is popular and the lake offers boat rentals. Check the website to see if there is a history program going on. These include tours of the battlefield, living history days, and weapon demonstrations.

How to get there:
The park is located on US521 several miles north of Lancaster. You can take Exit 77 from I77, and head east on US21/SC5. Continue on SC5 to US521 where you’ll turn left. The park is only a short distance away.

Andrew Jackson State Park

What’s close by:
Catawba Culture Center
Landsford Canal SP
Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Church cemetery (where Andrew Jackson’s father and two brothers are buried)


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