Boat Ramps and Landings

a Edgefield - Stevens Creek Park - 01 Stevens Creek

Boat Ramps and landings may not sound terribly exciting unless you have boat, yet since I’ve been actively exploring South Carolina, I find myself following the river and lake access signs to see what I may found. Some offer nature views of rivers and environs. Others I’ve found a bit junky with trash. I’ve encountered the former more than the latter so I continue making my way to those ramps even if they end up being nothing more than a gravel parking lot with a cement ramp leading into the water. There may not be scenic views, but I’ve come across interesting sights like the line of vultures sitting on a boat trailer.

a Charleston - US174 - Dawho River Bridge 02

Then again there have been landings with awesome views of the rivers especially in the morning when mist rises up from the water and birds swim, slow, across a lake. I haven’t found one with a walking path yet, but I think there’s one in Horry county.
When your out on your day drive, look for the boat ramps or river access signs and make your way over. Several have picnic tables and make for a nice rest stop.

a Berkeley - Bonneau Beach - Lake Moultrie 02

This web sites lists a number of boat landings. The department of natural resources has a list too, but I haven’t been able to link to it.


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