Greenville – Downtown

Greenville - Greenville - Main St ice rink

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to visit Greenville several years in a row. I attended a conference there and always tried to squeeze in time to sightsee on the last day before heading on home. I had an opportunity to visit downtown further on the day I picked up my sister at the airport. It was cold that day and overcast, but still a good visit.
The city of Greenville sits in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The downtown area several unique features such as a waterfall and a pedestrian bridge, the Liberty Bridge. Both times when I visited in took in the Reedy River Greenway. I’ll go more indepth on that in a later post as it deserves to be highlighted. The second time I visited, I searched for the Mice on Main, small mice statues hidden in plain view. Definitely a game for the kids, but fun for adults too.
Long ago the Cherokee hunted this area. It was once a forbidden place for white settlers. One married a Cherokee woman and got 100,000 acres. On this land he established a plantation on the Reedy River in what’s now downtown Greenville.
Another settler started a village, one he called Pleasantburg. One of its new citizens, Vardry McBee, is considered to be the father of Greenville. Later in life he donated land on which churches, schools, and more were built upon. He and other local leaders funded a railroad, the Greenville and Columbia Railroad.
Greenville continues to be a bustling place with its revitalized downtown. There is the Falls Park on the Reedy and there are numerous pieces of art along Main Street honoring Greenville’s history. Many old building have been renovated and their character maintained while utilized in different ways. I enjoyed all the statues, besides those of the mice. Look for all the works of art and architecture. Some of the buildings like the Markley Carriage Factory Paint Shop and the Huguenot Mill are listed in the National Register of Historic Buildings.

How to get there:
Greenville is on I85 and I526


What’s Close By:
Plenty including several state parks.


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