Christmas in South Carolina


As you may notice, Christmas decorations pop up around the state around Thanksgiving time. One weekend, you drive down the road, nothing. The next time, wreaths, snowmen, and other ornaments hang from the street lamps. I once amused myself by counting all the different styles of lamp post ornaments along a 90 mile drive on US321. I can’t remember the exact count, but it was more than 30. I imaged city council members sitting down, paging through catalogs of such decorations and thinking what an interesting business it must be selling such items.
In some places you don’t have to wait for Christmas. The lights, wreaths, and Santa Clauses are there year long, faded by the sun.

14b Woodford Christmas place 02

No matter where you go, big town or small, you’ll find something to exclaim over. It could be the decorations at the State House in Columbia with the large Christmas tree out front, or any small rural town with holly wrapped town clocks, wreaths on the church doors, or the lawns of die-hard


Christmas lovers. While you’ll find more of the latter in cities, they exist on secondary roads as well. Look for the limp character balloons passed out on a front yard.
Evening may be the best time to catch the light show, but daylight isn’t bad either. The giant wreaths and neatly tied, red ribbons are easy to spot. You don’t even have to drive far at all to see them. Maybe just down the street.


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