Searching for information on South Carolina is easy with (pronounced ‘sky-way’). It’s the most comprehensive directory of the state on the Internet. According to the website, it’s three goals are to help people find information about South Carolina in an easy and quick manner, give people a place to create a repository of South Carolina culture and information, celebrate the people and places of the state. It does so by providing thousands of links to South Carolina web sites and to a collection of maps, charts, articles, and more.

The site is easy to access and organized well by grouping into subject areas like tourism and counties. You can receive an email newsletter every month that includes what’s going on during the month.

One feature I enjoy is the South Carolina Picture Project with photos from all around the state like landmarks or just the landscape. There’s also South Carolina Plantations if you’re interested in them.

For tourism information, click SC tourism on from the left hand side list, or go to SC maps or SC photo gallery for photos. Browse by county to see where you’d like to go visit. Unfortunately the photos aren’t in alphabet order so you have to scroll down through the pictures to find your destination if you have already one in mind. needs to be explored to be appreciated. Try it and I’m sure you’ll be back.


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