Ninety Six National Historic Site

Greenwood - 96 NHS - pond

Nestled in the rolling hills of Greenwood County, this unit of the National Park Service is the site of the first battle fought south of New England (November 1775). Here also was the long field siege of the American Revolution, 28 days. The siege took place during May and June of 1781.

I visited the park in January, on a Tuesday. As it turns out the visitor center is closed that day, but the rest of the park is open. While saddened by not being able to enter the visitor center, I did have a good time. First I visited Star Fort Pond, which was also closed, but you could still walk to it and take pictures.

To see here are the battle grounds, the remains of the fort, site of the old town of Ninety Six, reconstructed Stockade Fort, and an old cabin that was moved here. A nice walk weaves around the trees from the main parking lot to the fort and back to the stockade. Along the way are cutout figures of frontiersmen, soldiers, and Native Americans which startled me until I realized what they were.

The 1,022 acre park was established in 1976. The visitor center is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. That said, you can still visit the park from daylight to dusk. Just park outside of the front gate on those days the gates are locked.

It’s one of the best preserved battle sites of the Revolution with the Star Redoubt surviving for 200 years. If you can find it, there’s a children’s book, Trouble at Star Fort by Idella Bodie.

How to get there:
The park is located on 1103 Highway 248 S in Greenwood County. An easy way to get to Star Fort Pond is via Kinard Road. Kinard and SC248 are off US178


What’s close by:
Lake Greenwood S.P.
The town of Greenwood


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