‘Camping South Carolina’ by Melissa Watson


If you love to camp, you’ll want this book because, face it, if you live in the lowcountry and wish to explore the upstate, it’ll be nice to stay a few days and not drive back and forth. Even with living in Columbia it’s difficult to drive north (or south) and take in a hike at the far corners of the state.

The book covers public tent and RV campgrounds and is written by someone who truly enjoys the SC outdoors and camping. It’s published by Falcon Guides and should be available in backpacking stores and book shops as well as on-line.

The campsites are arranged by region so if you’ll looking for a spot in the upstate, you’ll find the listings and maps in one area. There’s a good packing list if you’re new to camping and don’t know what you’ll need.

A typical entry lists the location, how long the campsite is open during the year (some are seasonal), how many sites, how long one can stay, facilities and an idea of the fee. You can usually find the price on-line especially if it is a state park, national park, state or national forest or run by the Army Corp of Engineers.
It also gives detailed directions on how to find the campsite, the GPS coordinates, and page number and grid location in the South Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer, something I covered in an earlier post. I really liked her ‘about the campsite’ descriptions where she writes her experiences at the campsite.


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