Chester State Park

Chester - Chester SP - lake

I visited the park in the fall, wanting to see the leaves in color. Skirting the lake, I ended up on the Disc Golf course. Fortunately no one was playing or I might have gotten beaned and it would have been my fault for not paying attention. I did manage to find the real trail, The Caney Fork Creek Nature trail, later on and made my away around the lake, stopping at the boat house and partaking in the floating docks to take pictures. On the way back to the car I shuffled through the leaves carpeting the ground.

Chester State Park is located close to the town of Chester, in Chester Country. Besides hiking and disc golf, one can picnic, rent a boat (or bring your own) and/or go fishing. There are camping facilities too. From what I saw it looked quite nice. If you visit in spring you might be lucky and see bald eagles.

For those who like to play disc course there’s an 18-hole course and a 9-hole course. It’s the first SC State Park sanctioned course and alternative tee’s for those who play at different levels.
On the 160 acre lake there’s a 450 foot long fishing pier/pedestrian bridge that connects one side to another. They were building that when I visited and I need to go back so I can walk on it.

The 523 acre park was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s after the land was purchases in 1935. A number of buildings built by the CCC are still in use and one can see the spillway and waterfall along the trail.

How To Get There:
The park is located off SC72/SC121 southwest of the town of Chester. Exits 55 and 65 off I77 will get you there. Just head toward Chester. If you want a more scenic route, there’s US321.

Cester State Park

What’s Near By:
The town of Chester
Sumter National Forest
Landsford Canal S.P.


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