Campbell’s Covered Bridge

Greeneville - Campbell's Covered Bridge - from creek

Only one covered bridge remains in South Carolina – Campbell’s Covered Bridge. As soon as I heard about it, I made it my business to visit. It’s a picturesque structure set in the country with woods and a stream. While I saw it in summer, fall and winter are good times to go as well, if not better.

The bridge sits in a park owned by Greenville County and is not far from scenic SC Hwy 11. You first see the bridge from the parking lot allowing my handicapped mother to see it with no problem. Also in the park is a picnic place, and the foundation of an old grist mill. Then of course, one can visit Beaverdam creek which runs under the bridge. Interpretive signs give information on the bridge.

The 38 foot long structure was built in 1909 by a Charles Irwin Willis. It’s believed he named after Lafayette Campbell who owned quite a bit of land in the area.

How to Get There:
It’s located south of SC 11. Take SC 101 south. Turn west on RD 414 toward Tigerville. Turn south on Pleasant Hill Rd and right on Campbell’s Bridge Rd. There should be signs to help you on the say.

Campbell’s Covered Bridge

What’s near By:

Scenic Highway 11
Poinsett Bridge
Jones Gap S.P.
Caesar’s Head S.P.


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