Lee State Park

I visited the park in Fall so the swimming pool wasn’t open, but that didn’t distract from my trip. I took a walk from the picnic parking lot that took me down the boardwalk. From there I toured the ponds, which turned out to be the Artesian Trail, named, I would guess from the two artesian springs located near the pools. These were made when the CCC, drilled down into one of the aquifers, a confined aquifer. Since the water is under pressure, it is pushed upward to the surface allowed the water to flow constantly.

Lee State Park, created in 1935, is one of the Civilian Conservation Corp parks in the state and one of the even fewer parks to boast the structures they built. They made the park to provide recreational opportunities for the people of Lee County. It’s located along the Lynches River. Besides hiking, swimming, and fishing, one can kayak or canoe through the park’s floodplain. There are also equestrian opportunities.

The Lynches River is a state-designated State Scenic River and has been since 1994. One can drive down to the banks of the river via the Loop Road, if it is open when you visit. Among the wildlife one might encounter are marsh rabbits, fox squirrels, gray foxes, beavers and river otters to name a few. Birders will appreciate the great-horned, barred, and screech owl as well as the yellow-billed cuckoo.
On my trip, I only saw a few frogs and a turtle, which means I either didn’t look hard enough or I make too much noise.


From I20, take exit 123 and follow the signs.

Carolina Sandhills NWR
Woods Bay S.P.


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