York - Brattonsville - colonial home

Travel back in time to the mid 18th to mid 19th century at Historic Brattonsville, a collection of buildings and structures on Brattonsville road in York County. There are over 25 structures on this 775 acre property. They tell the history of Scotch-Irish immigrants in the Piedmond area particularly the Bratton family who lived here for many years.
Living history programs throughout the year add to the experience. Re-enactors demonstrate farming techniques and every day activities. I visited on a weekday and discussed pumpkins with one in one of the old kitchens. There’s an award winning Heritage Farm Program here that includes rare breeds of livestock such as Ossabaw Island hogs and Gulf Coast Sheep, both of which I’d never heard of before. In July there is a two-day event recreating the Revolutionary Battle of Huck’s Defeat (1780).
Historic Brattonsville opened in 1976 after the restoration of the Homestead House. This and the Colonel Bratton House are both on the National Register of Historic Places. I read they filmed some of the movie The Patriot here.
Among the buildings are to visit are:
The Backwoods Cabin, a recreation, still very interesting to see immigrants , some from the north and some directly from Ireland, lived when they came to the ‘backcountry’ as it was know in the 1740’s.
The Homestead is a Federal-style, house built finished in 1826. There are four rooms on the ground floor and four rooms on the second floor with a center hall.
The McConnell House is from the early 1800’s and was moved here in 1983 from the nearby town of McConnell. Small and simple, it’s the typical sort of house found throughout the Piedmont.
The Slave House. This is a replica of one of the original buildings. Brick houses for slaves was rare.
Hightower Hall. The plans for this 1850’s mansion came from a a book, The Architect.

There is a fee to enter. At the time I went it was $6. Check the Brattonsville webpage for current pricing.


The site is located at1444 Brattonsville Road.

What’s Close By:
Chester State Park


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