My Favorite Resource: SC Atlas and Gazetteer

sc map and gazeteer

It may be a little old fashioned to use a print atlas rather than technology, but this has served me well for over fifteen years. I even have two of them, one for the house and one for the car. You can buy a copy at pretty much any bookstore in South Carolina. Wal-Mart and Target carries them as well.

One can argue that the Smartphone or Internet is just as good, but I’ve found out differently. Case in point. As I planned to take a trip around Lake Moultrie I became intrigues with the St. Stephen Fish Lift. The atlas showed it to be in St. Stephen. As I searched the internet for information, all the maps showed the fish lift to be a good ways south of the town. Once I got to St. Stephen, I decided to check if the atlas was right. Sure enough, I encountered signs pointing to the place and it was north of town.

The atlas is also great when you don’t have a phone connection, which in South Carolina can happen. With the atlas I can quickly find my way back to where I need to be. Besides having maps, it lists the state parks, heritage preserves, beaches, and more. If you want to tour South Carolina, this is a great resource to have.


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