Forty Acre Rock Heritage Park

Lancaster - Forty Acre Rock - 01

This slab of rock caught my attention the moment I heard about it. I’ve been partial to giant rocks and boulders for as long as I can remember. This isn’t one huge hunk of bare rock, however, not that this diminishes its wonder. I got so enthusiastic about this place, my parents demanded to be taken along. Alas, it’s not handicapped accessible, but one can still get to the rock.
The preserve is 2,267 acres. The prominent feature is a massive granite outcropping, one of several in the region. Most are are mined for the high quality granite, South Carolina’s official state rock.
Don’t expect a rock forty aces large; it’s actually only fourteen and there is more than one. It’s a wondrous expanse of rock that unfortunately attracts graffiti, but once past that, you should be able to see the beauty of the park. It is a great place to go birding and see wildflowers. Included in the preserve is a pine forest, hard wood forests of oak and hickory, and there is a large beaver pond.
Local Indians are believed to have ground their corn in the hallowed pits located on the rock’s surface. The ‘Devil’s Footprint’ is found here. According to the legend, the devil sat down to rest. The indentations of the heavy chains he dragged are still there.
The park is in an out of the way area, so bring your own food and water.


South east portion of Lancaster county off US 601.

What’s Close by:
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