Wild Flowers

Yellow Wild Flowers

Yellow Wild Flowers

With warm weather come the wildflowers. Now is a great to drive along the country roads. The flowers don’t just bloom in spring. Different flowers bloom during different times throughout the summer. I was amazed when I started noticing the flowers alongside the road. There’s always something in bloom.

I used to drive a 90 mile stretch of US321 every weekend for years. To make the journey more interesting, I began taking my camera. At first I thought I’d get pictures of all the wildflowers in a few weeks. How wrong I was. Week after week I’d find something new to photograph. The above yellow flowers I found in a pine forest. The owners had recently thinned the trees. Some flowers bloom a long time and others a short period. I found out the hard way not to wait until the next week to stop and take a picture. It might not be there or the bloom may fade.  Fortunately I remembered the next year and didn’t let the opportunity pass me by.

This website will help identify the wildflowers you see. https://uswildflowers.com/wfquery.php?State=SC

Trees will be blooming, correction, some are already blooming. Peach trees bloom in the spring and are a beautiful sight. Unfortunately, I can’t say when exactly they will bloom.

Visit one of the many gardens in South Carolina. Many are free such as the Swan Lake Iris Garden in Sumter and Edisto Memorial Gardens in Orangeburg. For more gardens: http://www.sciway.net/tourism/gardens.html




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