What is 47 Parks SC

47  state parks in South Carolina. 46 counties in South Carolina. Countless day trips.

Whether you like urban, rural, lakes, parks, history, or nature, this site aims to bring readers places to visit. You don’t have to go to another country. You don’t have to travel to another state. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Hop in the car, grab a bike, or walk.

South Carolina offers mountains, lakes, and the beach. Scenic roads can take one to the upstate, the midlands, or the lowcountry. Go as far as you want or stay the whole day in one spot. It’s all up to you.

In this blog I will offer different areas of the state as destinations for day trips. I won’t have restaurants or where to sleep or where to shop. That you can find anywhere. I’ll include links to websites where you can get more information plus travel tips. The main emphisis, thought, is sights to see and things to do. Have a suggestion? Let me know. This is a big state and there’s lots to see.



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